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Discovery Sessions

We will explore the big questions in life: Who am I? What do I believe in? Where am I going? How do I want to be remembered? Am I making the most of my time on this planet?

This is not therapy or coaching. This is journeying together through the realm of the spiritual to find inner peace and purpose.

Dare To Be Spiritual™

This 21-day program is best described as "a boot camp for your spirit and soul — for the person you were meant to be."


It will immerse you in love, forgiveness, gratitude and the importance of being part of community. It will help you to look at yourself and others in ways you perhaps never have before.

Spirit at Work

I have worked for and known organizations and businesses that lost their soul and spirit in subtle and also very dramatic ways. Without exception their profits and viability followed.


It is one of my missions to help organizations like this reestablish their moral and ethical footing in order to increase their standing with customers and employees, and to improve their bottom line ...