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Community In Spirit


I had a calling to create this community  to help others find relief from the kind of pain and suffering I experienced ... to bring together like-minded and like-hearted souls to heal themselves and the world.

Community In Spirit is:

  • A spiritual center without walls

  • A safe place to learn & explore

  • A healing center for today's world

  • Accepting of all people and religions — or no religion at all

  • A new way of worshipping

  • Interactive, innovative, insightful

Perhaps most important it is whatever its members need and want it to be!

My Story


Hi, everyone! I'm Rev. Garrett A. Foster.* I'm a lucky guy. I've done some amazing things in life. I graduated from Vassar College. I wrote for daytime TV and won an Emmy Award. I was an editor for magazines and newspapers. I owned two small businesses — an ice cream and tropical gift shop, and a paint-your-own pottery studio. I published a novel, The Accident of Being Human.

I have also experienced a lot of turmoil and suffering. A few years ago, after being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, I experienced a dark night of the soul and also the most amazing awakening. I decided I didn't want to do work for another organization that wasn't in alignment with my values. I wanted to live authentically and share what I learned with others.

I attended the Celebrant Foundation & Institute so I could perform weddings and other ceremonies. I attended One Spirit seminary so I could be ordained as an interfaith minister. I rewired my brain and reawakened my spirit. My life changed because I changed — and you can, too.

* I am not your typical minister. The world is my church. Love is my religion. Forgiveness and gratitude are my hymns. Connecting with others healed me. Discovering my own definition of spirituality helped me find inner peace and purpose. It wasn't easy — but I am worth it. You are, too.

I always knew I was human. It took me a little longer to realize that I am also divine.

That's my story. What's yours?